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Oh yeah. We know where you are. In the library, hunched over in a corner. Clad in stretchy pants and your favourite hoodie, sipping black tea from your trusty to-go tumbler. You’ve been there since 9:00 am, just early enough to nab the lucky spot that has the view that helps you think. You plan on putting in 12 hours straight of MATH 204, HIST 316 or ECON 305. It’s tense. It’s finals.  It sucks and we know how bad.

These 4 tricks will help you ace your finals, before you can say FREEDOM.

Sleep is like a bath plug

Sleep. And like, we mean it. For once in your life it’s justifiable to sleep-in and get The Zzz’s. Picture this. Knowledge is water, a bathtub is your brain, and sleep is a plug. Your goal is to fill the bathtub with water to take a luxurious bath (your exam). How are you going to keep the water (your MATH 205 formulas) in the tub (your tired brain) without a plug (a long 7-8 hour rest)? When you’re tired, your brain has difficulty absorbing information, so everything you’re trying to cram in there is basically leaking out the second you look away from the book. Your body needs downtime to process. It needs a plug. So get a full 7-8 hours of rest every night during study month no matter what. Besides, all the beauty sleep will pay off, when you instantly look ah-may-zing after finals and everyone else has Edward Scissorhands eyes.

Procrastination is a dish best served cold

You have joined the Academic Army. Everyday starting from now until break, needs to be treated with military-like precision and routine. You are preparing yourself for a positive battle – you vs. BIO216. Procrastination is the enemy. The only way to win is to simulate, practice and believe you can do it. Writing your exams must become like a second skin. Grab a study buddy and prepare mock exams for each other. Time yourself. Rework the practice exams and decreased your allotted time limit as you get closer to judgment day. Practice makes perfect, and perfect you will become if you stay positive and simulate.

Study Kit

Staying organized will eliminate stress that loves to creep into study time. Create a study kit to be on top of the game. Your study kit should be ready-to-go at all times and should have everything you need to make study time comfortable – math tools, cue cards, pens, paper, snacks, tea bags, hot chocolate, instant coffee, water, lip balm, hand cream, etc.  A study kit is totally personal so pack it with what you need to survive in the wild west of study hall.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Skim through the whole exam to get the big picture of the exam. Visualize. Breathe. Close your eyes. Think. Answer. Repeat. Visualize yourself doing well. Answer all the questions you know first to get them out of the way. If you don’t know the answer, skip it. Come back to the harder questions later once you’ve boosted your confidence and finished all the ones you know. Take your time. Stay in the moment. Breathe evenly so that your oxygen soldiers can get to work thinking, remembering and solving.

You got this. Winter break and party time isn’t so far away. You can touch it, taste it, feel it! It’s almost here!

But first…coffee.



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