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OOTD: Pretty Boy Swag

Published 11/12/2014 by

Technically, your name is Marcello and you’re having a post-dinner stroll in the town square of your Italian coastline village but maybe you’re James and you bring a bit of the Italian Riviera to your downtown rendezvous. You’re a classic but in-the-know and when your friends want to know the trendy place to go eat; they call you.

You may come off as a high-roller but really, you just like the simple things in life – you just like them to look good. That’s why you’d go for this clean, chic colour palette: burgundy, cream and black.

This outfit is for the weekends, not the office. Stand out from the rest by dressing for success. Who knows who you’ll run into on your way to brunch? Ready-to-go, it’s all about instant swag; this chic getup is made for the man who knows his stuff (or at least gives the appearance that he does).

The classic dress shoe GILBERT and light-knit circle scarf FILONEPO. Add some bling for extra swagger, minus the Lil Jon lyrics (and grillz).


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