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Three Fall Beauty Looks

Published 11/13/2014 by

What a regular morning routine looks like: pick out some clothes, find a pair of shoes to match and tie it all together with makeup. Because the expected is boring and also because I’m ready to do (almost) anything in the name of fashion, I made a guinea pig of myself and did an experiment with absolutely no scientific value. Three pairs of shoes in hand, I used them as a source of inspiration to create three makeup looks. Here’s what happened.


Dancing in the rain! That’s exactly how wellies make me feel. I just want to be a kid again and jump straight in a puddle of water to splash my sister (sorry Justine!). An orange cat-eye? It’s fun and surprising… just like those rubber boots.

1. First, trace the cat-eye outline with an angle brush and a vivid eye shadow and then fill it out. That way, there’s less chance of making a mistake and having to start all over again.

2. Pick an eye shadow that is complementary to your eye colour so they really pop out!

3. Generally, one strong colour per beauty look is enough. Otherwise, you might look like you fell into a Crayola box.

4. Oh and the last bit advice… it can also be used as a blush! A hint of bronzing powder on the cheekbones will do the trick.





The mirrored heel, the dark blue and the touch of black: it’s like three personalities in one shoe. Mystery, frivolity and femininity… Let’s bring all of these out with an eggplant pout and velvet bow.

1. Since this look is pretty dark, light up your eyelids and cheekbones with a pearl white powder. We’ll keep the living dead look for next year’s Halloween.

2. Use a violet lipstick and cover it with a hint of translucent powder. This small trick will do wonders in keeping the colour in place (purple teeth… not chic!) while giving it a velvety finish, just like the bow. I know, everything is thought out ; )

3. Sculpt your cheeks with a fluffy brush and a blush that’s in the dark beige family. A little goth, romantic and 90’s inspired… This look is versatile just like those heels.

Strappy Heels

Strappy Heels



Is there such a thing as chic trekking? If so, I just found the perfect makeup to go with it. With a hiker (wearing heels) in mind, I went for a fierce look focusing on my eyebrows and eyes. Wrap yourself up in a big plaid scarf and embrace the call of the wild.

1. Here are four essentials for perfect eyebrows: an angle brush, a brown mat powder, a brush and a colourless gel. First, fill them out following their natural shape to get rid of any sparse areas. Soften the edges using the brush and finish with a thin coat of gel to keep rebel hair in place.

2. With your fingers or a brush, stamp your upper and lower eyelid with a chocolate brown eye shadow. Apply multiple coats of mascara to create intensity. Glam version Add a veil of bronze powder on your eyelids for a wow effect!

3. A vintage rose smile… It’s soft and subtle. Hard to resist!


Lug Sole Lace-Ups

Lug Sole Lace-Ups

Photos by: Éléonore Piché

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