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Our Après-Ski Collection with the Dufour-Lapointe Sisters is here!

Published 11/13/2014 by

You’ve been waiting for it. We’ve been waiting for it and now the wait is finally over—our Après-Ski collaboration with the ever lovely Dufour-Lapointe sisters is officially in-stores and online!

Been left in the dark? Let us bring you up to speed…  these young women,  who just happen to be some of the best athletes in the world, have selected boots and accessories that are perfect for hanging out and sipping hot cocoa at the mountain chalet. That is, after you’ve beat your competition with an out-of-this-world aerial display, obvs.

But since the sisters’ personal style is as distinct as their freestyle moves they’ve each curated their own unique mini-collection.  Want to know more about what sets them apart? Check out these mini-style videos in which we asked Maxime, Chloé and Justine to tell us a little bit about how they describe their style.

It’s truly been a pleasure to work with these amazing young women and we couldn’t be more excited to be able to finally share it with all of you!





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