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Holiday Outfits for Every Occasion

Published 11/19/2014 by

Besides having a tea sandwich overdose and dancing the jig to the point where you strain your ankle, the holiday season also means dressing the part over and over again. In other words: “Too little clothes to wear, so many parties to go to.” Either it’s for Christmas Eve with your family, a cocktail with your colleagues or just a regular party, give up on the sequined body con number and pick something a little more unconventional. A couple of garlands and confetti won’t stop us from being the fashion-hungry.

Family (or the in-laws) Christmas party

Now is the time to make a good impression: leave the risqué cleavage and the too short dress at home. A minimalist A-line dress will be perfectly complemented by a pair of shiny pumps… And let them shine. Being a real family party pro, I’ll give you one piece of advice: they’re usually the ones where you’ll eat the most. For a totally mysterious reason, our parents are constantly worried that we’ll die of starvation, especially during that time of the year. Do yourself a favour and wear a loose dress so you can eat as many cheese nuggets as you wish (don’t tell me I’m the only one who does that). Add some bling, because it’s Christmas, and you’re ready for the gift swap AND the buffet. Efficiency: 1. Waistline: 0.

5 à 7 with the colleagues

It’s the “in-between” situation. Stylish and polished, you want to be able to come in to work on Monday morning with your head high, without having to deal with judgmental stares from your coworkers. Trust me on this one: balance is key. For the perfect mix of cool and pretty, take the sport chic aesthetic (our favourite trend ever!) and reinterpret it with Christmas styling. A pair of open-toed booties will give you that extra inch while bringing a festive touch to your outfit. Paired with lace Bermuda shorts and an oversize top, you’ll be ready for any dance-off thrown at you.

Happy New Year!

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be doing the most important countdown of the year… 3, 2, 1: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! For many (including myself), 2015 will mark a new beginning. My motto is be bold and dive right in. The best way I’ve found to do that: wear altogether a pair of almond-toed sequined heels, an animal print head-to-toe outfit, a slick updo and a pink candy pout. The New Year’s parties usually last until the morning after (and so does the fun!). To make sure you stay comfortable all night long, a pump that ties around your ankle is the perfect companion to follow you to your four different parties; it will never come off at some unexpected moment. You wouldn’t want to start the New Year with one shoe missing. And with a thigh-slit skirt, it makes your legs go on forever. It’s time to pop the champagne!

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Photos by Éléonore Piché.



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