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Published 11/20/2014 by

This week, our favourite nail artist Elfi Lemieux shows you how to do your very own triangle nail design. Here she uses shade of purple–it matches the scarf–but it’s (almost) the holidays so why not switch it up with something with a bit more glitz? Maybe various shades of gold? Now for the tutorial…

1. Start by prepping your nails—the usual filing, buffing, cuticle shaping and cleansing with remover. Then apply the base coat.

2. Pick two colours in different shades.

3. Apply the palest colour first at the top corner of your nails. Depending on the polish, apply one or two coats then allow to dry.

4. Using the darker colour repeat step 3 from the opposite corner.

5. Using a stripping brush draw a straight line down the centre of your nail with black polish. Add two diagonal lines to create a triangle. Fill the triangle in with black and then browse a magazine while you wait for the polish to dry before the final step!

6. Last but not least–the top coat! Don’t forget to seal the edge of your nails to keep your manicure from lasting longer.



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