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How To Pack Like a Pro

Published 11/26/2014 by

It’s holiday season, which means tonnes of us will be ditching the holiday cheer (and our families) for some well-deserved travel time. Here’s our quick and easy guide to packing like a pro no matter your final destination.

An all-inclusive in Tulum

Hasta luego! My two feet buried under the sand, my sunglasses on and my favourite bathing s… I forgot my bathing suit!!!

This scenario is worthy of a horror movie screenplay if you’re planning some time off in an all-inclusive. Spare yourself the drama by carefully reading this list.

1. Let’s settle the bikini issue right now. Put an extra one in your hand luggage just in case your suitcase gets lost along the way.

2. As soon as the plane takes off, your vacation has officially started. Embrace the “I will relax for seven days in a row” spirit with an entertaining book or that guilty pleasure you’ve always wanted to read but were too afraid that someone you knew would see you with it (50 Shades of Grey, anyone?).

3. Make sure to bring along a pair of sunglasses that will match your 28 different bikinis and flowy dresses. Because prevention is better than cure, make sure your have second pair ; )

4. Life goes on after a week spent in paradise. On my end, I don’t want to go back home peeling like a snake shedding its skin. I also want to live as long as possible soooo… PUT ON SUNSCREEN!

For the perfect beauty kit, pick double use products—liquid blush that can also serve as a lipstainer and a body oil that hydrates your hair after a long day spent in the ocean. Before I forget, it’s about time you become best friends with waterproof products!


Tulum Essentials (aka SUNSCREEN)

Tulum Essentials (aka SUNSCREEN)


A week in London

First of all… lucky you! London (and any European city, really) is a real charm during Christmas time. If I put my jealousy aside for a second, here’s my breakdown of the musts you should pack.

1. A big blanket scarf will help you deal with the chills on the plane and the ones caused by the damp air. Being warm AND stylish:  it couldn’t be more perfect.

2. You should literally attach your iPad to your wrist. Pictures, books, magazines, GPS… It’s the equivalent of 35 pounds of equipment in one tiny object. Have your adaptor handy, you’ll need it.

3. When you’re travelling, your beauty kit = efficiency. Lipsticks to the rescue! Burgundy, rose, nude… It completely changes your look and it takes close to zero space in your luggage. You can even mix them all together to create new shades. Be creative! It’s London after all.

4. Let’s be honest. Sleep is not priority #1 when you’re in such an entertaining city. If you’re feeling jetlag, cure it with soothing eye patches and dry shampoo. It’s so convincing that you might forget you haven’t slept for the last 36 hours.

4. And a watch! You wouldn’t want to miss the afternoon tea.




London Essentials

London Essentials



A weekend in New York

Trendy boutiques in Brooklyn, restaurants hidden at the end of dark alleys and bars only accessible through a telephone booth:  let’s head for an (over)stimulating trip to the Big Apple! It’s short and intense, so it’s better if you don’t have to check-in any baggage.

1. Challenge #1: all your products need to be travel size! Transfer your cream into small containers to make sure you’re under the 100 ml limit. Also, try to replace your makeup remover with cleansing towelettes.

2. New York is such an inspiring city filled with places where you just want to stop and chill (the best coffee in the world is in Brooklyn!). Put a notebook in your purse so you can write about everything you see, taste, dream. #souvenirs

3. Bring along a magazine that will entertain you during your flight but that will also inspire some fashion looks while you’re in one of the most stylish cities on the planet. It will also be less heartbreaking if you need to get rid of it because you bought too many vintage clothes, shoes and cronuts.



New York Essentials

New York Essentials


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