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How-to-Wear-It: Lug Sole Boots

Published 12/03/2014 by

A sleek silhouette on top of a chunky, tractor-like sole? We have Stella McCartney to thank for the lug sole trend (aka the tractor sole). McCartney paired the cool girl practical sole with everything from brogues to boots to heels on the runway a few seasons ago and the look’s taken off ever since.

But how to wear the lug sole boot? This is the question that’s plagued many would-be wearer and we, dear reader, are here to help you in that regard because this trend isn’t going anywhere. Get comfortable in your lugs this season because come spring, these babies are going to explode all over your closet.

OPTION 1: The Boyfriend Jean

The wardrobe equivalent of The Beginners Guide to Lug Soles, pairing the bootie with a pair of comfy jeans is the simplest way to ease into the trend. To pull-off this look there is only one rule, but it’s an important one: exposed skin. The single trick you need to make this work for you is to leave some of your ankle exposed, it draws the eye way from the loose fit of your jean and heaviness of your bootie.


OPTION 2: The Peddle Pusher

Now that you’re comfortable on your lugged legs, show more exposed ankle and go for a well-cropped number.  A slim pair of trousers, or even cropped skinny jeans look perfect when balanced with the heavy sole of the bootie. Just remember to keep your ankles as junk-free as possible.


OPTION 3: The Midi-Skirt

Do not be afraid. The midi is an excellent length for these cooler months and paring it with the lug sole gives it a ton more edge.  A pencil skirt is the best and easiest way to wear the look, pair it with opaque tights (again, seeing your legs is key to making this cool rather than frump) and you’re good to go. If you’re feeling bold, opt for an a-line skirt instead.



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