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Deck the Table: 3 glam holiday settings

Published 12/17/2014 by

About a million and a half years ago high-class ladies and refined gents would doll up for dinner in fine silks and white tails (a suit) every night – even when they were just chilling with their parents on like a Tuesday night. Flash forward to the eve of 2015 to find the occasion of eating dinner to be no occasion at all, rather, a fast and furious race to stuff your face and get away from the table and back into your room as soon as humanly possible.


And then comes December with all its red-y-green and silvery-blue joy. You may find yourself mid-month wanting to get in on the contagious cheer smear with a unique dinner party to show off your amazing style and unique taste.


We have three glam DIY table settings to get you started. The aim? Set to impress.


A Regency Affair – GGGGold

This table-top luxe is glit with a capital G. Gold, gold and umm more gold is so hot in home décor this season. Everything from gold utensils to gold trimmed plates and glasses can get your metallic game on. The keyword here is adorn – Regency Style. Grab some pine branches from your local market and some gold-wired ribbon to make a show-stopping green and gold centerpiece. Add a candelabra in the centre of the table or a wreath of candles. A metallic charger (the bottom plate) is a must, then stack all other plates and top with a shiny holiday cracker. Oh joyous shine! BONUS: There is a crown hidden inside the cracker, so you can really feel like a princess after your hard work.


Clean and Evergreen

Maybe you’re the eco-friendly, minimalist type who makes a noble effort to reuse holiday gift-wrap, and who likes long winter walks in the cold snow. If fresh and fancy is your game, we’re upping it with fine greenery. Tie a bunch of eucalyptus and dried miniature flowers together with natural twine. Make three bows near the bottom stems, and repeat small bunches – all the way along your table. Reinvent the placemat by using a marble cutting board for each setting. Wrap utensils with a clean white napkin and top with fresh thyme. Your table will smell so naturally yummy you might not even have to serve food.

Minimal Christmas Cool

Minimal Christmas Cool


Team Tartan

Call it plaid, tartan, or carré, the heritage pattern will always brings a sense of structure to the table. So why not bust it up? Any dollar store will have a holiday wreath that you can break apart to use as your centerpiece. BTW you may have more fun doing this then hosting your party… because breaking things is fun. You can still maintain the heritage vibe by laying out all the pieces in uniformity. Think of yourself as a party Picasso. You’re creating a structured collage of holly and berries to celebrate Christmas cubism? Tartan always looks amazing matched with blue patterned plates. Pair with a vintage teacup for that hint of old world charm.

Mad for Plaid

Mad for Plaid


Bon appetite!


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