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How to Binge Watch Netflix in Style

Published 12/18/2014 by

There are so many awesome perks that winter has going for it that aren’t in the minuses. We’re not sure why they all start with the letter S – skating, skiing, sledding, snowboarding, sleigh riding, snowshoeing… we can go on and on and on. But everyone knows the most loved winter activity of all starts with and N.
Netflix – on binge, all day, until you start dreaming in ‘Suggestions for You’. There’s a scientific method to a proper Netflix binge, you can’t just cue it up all willy-nilly. You need to get set-up first, which includes some of our favourite winter items.

The Set-up

Whether you’re a Couch to TV or a Bed to iPad Netflix watcher a warm cozy blanket is essential to Netflix watching. Our comfy blanket pick for the season is the so soft brushed woolen patterned gem from Montreal-based designer Assembly Home Goods. Get it, then get under it. Warm up, wrapped inside with our unbelievably cozy-cute Weckstrom socks. Grab your Breidia toque cause the shower is on vacay until tomorrow. Plug in your iPhone, put on chapstick and find a bell, which you’ll ring for food. Add a little kitty in the mix too. It’s Winterflix and you’re not moving. You live here now.

Cliffhanger Withdrawal

If you’re going for the all out TV binge, a little research goes a long way. The total worst is to get hooked on a show only to find out A) Netflix doesn’t have up-to-date seasons or B) the show got cancelled. OMG torture. Wiki it up. Find out first so you don’t get stuck with a cliffhanger hangover cause we don’t have a cure for that.

Be a Self-Tagger

So being a Tagger at Netflix might be the sweetest gig on the planet. You basically watch movies then think about what other movies are like the one you just watched, and then you cash your paycheque.

Netflix tagging does help out but sometimes you don’t want to watch Walking Dead after The Wedding Planner. Opt to self-tag instead. Just find the common theme with your fave flicks. It’s easy, like:

When Harry Met Sally > Serendipity > You’ve Got Mail > An Affair to Remember > Seven Year Itch.

THEME: Romantic movies set in New York City

From 80’s Meg Ryan to 50’s Marilyn, you’ve just tagged your own way into a more individual (and romantic) experience.

Snack Attack

Eventually, hopefully between sequels, you’ll have to eat (your bell will come in handy). Popcorn is mandatory. Sea Salt Caramel popcorn with a hot apple cider is extraordinary. Mix together brown sugar, butter, butter and more butter, with a dash of cinnamon. Sprinkle all over your already popped popcorn. When it’s dripping in buttery goodness, add your sea salt.

In Technicolor

Netflix time is the perfect time to mani-pedi all day. Maybe Marie-Antoinette will inspire you to dip into blush pinks or you’ll finally feel like a perfect Buffy blood red. Spring Breakers can send you into a neon dream world, where Harry at Hogwarts might influence your dark side. It’s fun to let film dictate your color scene.

Your finals are over. School is out. Nothing is due. You’re snowed in and it’s staying that way, so Netflix away.


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