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Our Best/Worst New Year’s Stories

Published 12/29/2014 by

For about 1.5 billion years, on December 31st at 11:59 p.m. party peeps across the planet hold their collective breath in anticipation of new—anything new, a dream, a hope, a love—a new fresh start. Maybe you’ve had the greatest year of your life so far, or the suckiest year ever in the history of time. When the clock strikes 12, from NYC to Cali we karaoke to “Auld Lang Syne” and pretend we know the lyrics after ‘should all acquaintance be forgotten’ …or something like that. Most importantly, we get to press restart and we hope that magic happens. But first…we party on the one night of the year when everyone gets a free pass on crazy. These are our best/worst NYE stories.


“At an NYE Party at my BFF’s house I got epically drunk before midnight. Her crush starting flirting with me, so I flirting back. We ended up in my friend’s bedroom making out. He was hot. It was awesome. She still doesn’t know. #Discretion.”


“Dumped my mediocre date on NYE because he was annoying me and he wanted to stop and get food on the way to the party we were already late for. We got in a huge fight in the middle of the street. I wandered around alone for hours then ended up at a weird loft party that was decorated with decapitated dolls.”


“I was studying in NYC and my S.O. was working in L.A. so we did a LDR for a year. I couldn’t afford to fly out to see him for NYE, so we Skyped then I went to a friend’s party to try to celebrate even though I was super bummed we weren’t together. At 11:45 p.m., her buzzer rang and my BF walks in to surprise me. It was the best NYE ever, and I got my midnight kiss.”


“My friends and our boyfriends got tix to a insane club for NYE. Got there at 11:00 and waited 30 mins in the freezing cold to get in. The party was rammed, there were thousands of people inside; we couldn’t even breathe. Then we learned the line-up for a drink was an hour wait. We left right after midnight and spent the next three hours in –20c degrees huddling in doorways trying to catch a cab. Of course, we were dressed in tights and heels. We finally crawled into cab at 3:15 a.m. I woke up with mild frostbite the next day.”


“I threw a 1950s themed NYE party with my roomie one year. My new boyfriend was DJing the party and he was really awesome. Everyone was in costumes; we danced all night and had a blast. The next day while cleaning up my roomie told me my new awesome boyfriend had been texting her all night about how hot she looked. Had no choice. Instant dump.”


“One New Years Eve my boyfriend and I were sick with the flu, but I couldn’t accept staying home in bed. I mustered my strength, put on my fanciest little black dress and forced him into a suit and tie so we could go to our friend’s black tie party. Bad idea. Doped up on flu medication, I was dizzy and couldn’t keep anything down…or up. As I was carrying some drinks down the stairs I tripped on my 6-inch heels, the drinks flew down the staircase and hit the walls, and I hit my head on the landing before falling down a flight. Everyone stopped to stare and laugh. We took a cab home soon after and never mentioned it again.”


Looking forward to 2015.  Happy New Year from CIS!



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