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A Classic Glam Look to Kick Off the New Year

Published 01/08/2015 by

The holidays may be over but that’s no reason to give up the glam. No matter the time of year you can never steer wrong with classic makeup– we’re talking bold lips, sultry cat eyes and glitter accents. So hop aboard the makeup express with Call It Spring – it’s time to fancy-up yo face.


Step 1:

Prep and prime your face with concealer and powder as per usual. Follow with a swept-out cat eye using liquid eyeliner. If you struggle with using liquid liner (don’t we all?) opt for pencil eyeliner instead, using a cotton swab and gentle sweeping motion to create a winged eye.


Step 2:

Using a flat liner brush, gently line your lid directly above the black liner using a densely pigmented gold eye shadow. Naturally, you’ll likely brush onto your liner – simply retouch any areas to recreate a straight line.


Step 3:

Using black pencil eyeliner, line your waterline as heavily or as lightly as you like.


Step 4:

Using your flat liner brush and gold eye shadow, simply swipe back and forth directly below your lash line. Use your index finger to dab eye shadow on the inner corner of your eye.


Step 5:

Mascara, mascara, mascara! Wiggle the brush slightly when applying mascara to really grip and magnify those lashes. Opt for two or three coats of mascara to amp up those peepers.


Step 6:

Line your lips with red lip liner. Apply red lip stain or red matte lipstick – don’t take away from the glittery goodness of your eyes with an over-the-top glossy lipstick.


Step 7:

Gently apply highlighter or light bronzer to your cheeks. Again, don’t allow your cheeks to overpower this glittery-eye, bold-lip look.


Voila, you’re ready to take the town!



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