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FIVE style resolutions for 2015

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2014 was fabulous fashion wise, but watch out… 2015 will mega fabulous! After a roundup of my best and not so good style moves (come on, it happens to everybody), a mini resolution guide seemed appropriate. Spoiler alert: you will probably relate to a couple of them ;)

1. Have fun!

I say normcore and athletic minimalism were the leaders of 2014, you’ll probably agree with me. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE those trends. They saved my life more than once on Monday mornings (and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thurs…) when I had no idea what to wear. Because of their streamlined silhouettes and classic colours, those clothes can literally be picked up in the dark and still match. The beauty of simplicity.

But it’s time for me to bring back a hint of fantasy in my life—bold colours, mix’n’match prints, funky volumes, feathers, sequins, embroideries. There’s nothing like seeing someone on the street with a crazy personal style that makes you smile.

Instead of doing a complete wardrobe overhaul, I’m planning on getting extravagant pieces that I will incorporate in with the basics I already own. It’s official. 2015 is all about fun!

Photos (left to right):,

Photos (left to right):,

2. Shop smart

When I’m shopping, I’m like a little kid set free in a candy store without any parent supervision. I want to try and buy everything that pops… And then, bam! I come home with faux leather overalls in which my skin can’t breathe AND that can’t be machine washed. Bottom line? They will sit in my closet, unworn, collecting dust with the price tag still on.

Here’s my strategy to put an end to my vice:

  • At the store, if I have any doubt, I’ll buy the garment and try it with some pieces that I already own. I’m still not sure 7 days later? I’ll return it. I swear.
  • The sole fact that a dress makes my waist look small is not a selling point anymore. Is it true to my personality? Does it fit my lifestyle? I vow to answer all of the above before making my way to the cash.
Photo : Pinterest

Photo : Pinterest

3. Gym style

1, 2, 3, go! Gym workout or outdoor running, it doesn’t matter. Trends are infiltrating even our tightest second skin capris. The era of the XL sweatpant and borrowing your boyfriend’s t-shirt is over!

2015 will be about that powerful duo: performance and style. Honestly, the simple idea of putting on my tiger printed leggings is enough to make me want sprint like never before. Cut out tank tops and rainbow colored sneakers, I’m the biggest fan of anything that makes me want to be healthier.

Photos : Jessica Biel /, Gigi Hadid /, Liu Wen / Instagram

Photos : Jessica Biel /, Gigi Hadid /, Liu Wen / Instagram

4. Look around you

You live in Toronto, San Diego or Timbuktu? Take a look around you. I assure you that talent is everywhere. In Montreal, every year prior to the holidays, a crazy amount of Christmas markets take place. And each time, I’m astounded by the creativity of the fashion and accessory designers.

However, when I’m on a shopping adventure, I often forget about local brands.  Yet, there’s something so cool about wearing a piece that your neighbor might have made.

2015 will be the year where I buy more products made by artisans who make my fashionista heartbeat. I ♥ Montreal.

Photo : Souk@Sat

Photo : Souk@Sat

5. Small changes = big changes

“I have nothing to wear” are words that come out of my mouth way too often. Especially considering that my closet is jam-packed (aka there’s zero place left). Surprisingly, you don’t need a complete wardrobe overhaul to change your look. Sometimes, the tiniest detail will make the biggest difference! Here are four tricks that I use to update my wardrobe when I’m having a style crisis.

  • More handbags! I’ve been truly loyal to my messenger bag for quite a while now. Like years. However, I’m planning on building a real library of handbags to switch up the vibe of my #ootd.
  • The single earring: undeniably the jewellery trend of the year. 2014 was all about stacked on rings, 2015 is about the lonely earring.
  • Shoes, shoes and more shoes! I can already hear you say “duh!!”, but the upcoming months will witness a creative freedom rarely matched. I can’t remember the last time wearing a sneaker was as cool as wearing an almond toe pump… Enjoy and embrace as many personalities as you can!
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