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5 Ways to Declutter Your Life

Published 01/15/2015 by

An awesome way to start your year off on the right foot is to declutter. Remove all unwanted noise that crowds your life on a daily basis. The best way to reach your 2015 goals is to set yourself junk-free.


Makeup addiction is a real thing. Like having 8 different shades of red lipstick because each one has a look or outfit to match. We NEED them because we just do, okay? Admit it, the make-up hoarding is making your head spin. Clean it out! Make room for fresh products with no attachments.

2015 RULE: If it’s a nub, if you used it once, if it was a gift you hate, or a trend that is for sure never coming back – TOSS IT.



The ol’ black t-shirt trick. We know it well. You go out shopping but end up empty handed, only to pass by a sale rack of black t-shirts (or black tights, black stretchy pants). You need to feel like you’ve accomplished something having shopped all day, so you say, “meh, I’ll get this, black tshirt-tights-stretchy-pants…thing.” Then you get home and feel like a failure because you did the same thing last week and you now have 100 black tshirt-tight -stretchy-pants things. But still nothing to wear.

2015 RULE: Avoid buying things to make up for a busted day. Buy a piece that makes you feel confident and beautiful.



Let me read through all my old msgs from my ex to relive my past heartbreak, said nobody to no one ever. But we do it. Why? It’s not because we’re lol-ing as we scroll through our amazing memories. We need to be reminded that they loved us or dumped us, we keep the msgs as proof that the person existed or to find hidden meaning behind their words. FYI-  there is none. It’s over. Delete. Find the courage to junk ‘em and free yourself from the msg chains of the past.

2015 RULE: The longer you wait the harder it will be. Take advantage of how angry you are to delete any evidence of heartbreak. You will heal faster when all trace of them is gone.



Closet Hermits are the things we buy with good intentions to wear yet IRL they only ever make it to the growing pile of clothes we try on when we’re getting ready to go out. Then we hang them back up again. We try them on everyday, but Closet Hermits never, ever get to leave the house. Too short, too long, too bright, too nice -they never had a fighting chance. Give your Closet Hermits a chance at life and give them away to your local shelter or a friend in need. You’re never going to wear it out anyway.

2015 RULE: If you bought it six months ago and it still has the tags on it or the creases from the box it came from are still present – TOSS IT.



Sure you can clean up your ‘Friends’ or ‘Unfollow’, make ‘Acquaintances” lists or ‘Block’ people. That’s a great start, and it’s about time you get on it. But what about the IRL negative peeps that surround you everyday? That gossipy co-worker or your annoying needy “friend” who only takes, takes, takes? Time to put the brakes on those relationships and prioritize growing your positivity. Try to spend less time around people, who bring you down, insult you or breed their negative energy. Life can be tough enough without their poison. They need to get a life and FYI you already have an amazing one so buh-bye losers.

2015 RULE: Welcome to friendship poker. You put in your 50% friendship effort, if they’re worth it, they’ll meet your 50% friendship effort and raise you an “I got your back”. If they don’t do it, trust us, you can live without them. Try it. It actually works.



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