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DIY: Fiery Fuchsia Nails

Published 01/29/2015 by

Anyone else’s digits in need of some major manicure magic right about now? Thankfully, our lovely nail artist Elfi Lemieux is back to lend a girl a hand with this easy step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1.

Prep your nails as usual (filing , buffing, cleaning cuticles and cleansing with remover). For this look, the nails were filed into an almond shape instead of the natural square. Apply base coat.

 Step 2.

Apply two coats of your favourite gold polish. Allow to dry.

 Step 3.

Then, using an opaque fuchsia colour, paint from the centre to the edge of the nail, leaving the cuticle area and side gold.

 Step 4.

Using a medium dotting tool, create a border of dots between the gold and fuchia. To finish the look, add a row of dots in the centre.

 Step 5.

And the final touch: the top coat. Make sure to seal the edge of the nails, that way your manicure will last even longer!


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