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7 Not Lame Valentine’s Gifts for Your Love

Published 02/13/2015 by

The official day where we either get cracked out on love or download rom-coms with our single friends (by friends we mean ice cream) and dream about our ‘one day’ love. Oh love. You’re a four-letter word.

A badass Valentine’s  gift isn’t about how much cash you spend. Although getting a stack of cash does sound pretty nice… anyways, the most memorable Valentine’s Day gifts are the ones when you nail it in the most thoughtful, meaningful way. Like all those times she mentioned her favourite flower, well let’s just hope you were listening.

The Vine of Love

Maybe it’s hard for you to say ‘I love you’. Just let Vine or Instagram to say it for you. Loop romantic clips from her favorite movies in a video. Queue it up to the cheesiest parts, record, tag her and post!

Stay Warm, Ponyboy

Nothing says love more than heat. Our winter climate buds know exactly what we are talking about. Gifting cold weather sneakers to your lover is thoughtful and mega handy. He’ll thank you for keeping his tootsies warm while he keeps up his tough, rugged man-ness with the bros.  WTV.


Pretty in Pink

You can never, ever, ever, go wrong with flowers and a ring. Cheap pink Carnations from the grocery store will work once you’ve ditched the lame cellophane, and tied the stems together with a black ribbon to match our Afiliwren LOVE ring. Carnations are a symbol of pride and beauty, and black is the symbol of eternity. Basically, this bouquet set means that you’re proud to be eternally in love with someone so beautiful. Like who on this planet is going to resist that?


Hide Your Love Away

Keep precious V-Day lasting all year with sugar. Sweet sweet candy that you stash all over his room when he’s not looking. Cinnamon hearts in his underwear drawer, jelly belly’s in his desk, hard sugar candies in his Medford backpack. Every time he finds a sugary treat, he’ll know you’re thinking of him and it will melt his chocolate heart.


Sunny Love

Newbies? If you’ve just started dating and you plan on sticking around, grab her a pair of Valeniel sunglasses for the big V. Tell her you can’t wait to see them on her this summer. Very smooth. #signofcommitment


Passion Playlist

Many years ago being given a mix tape by the guy you crushed on was like winning the mega lottery and never having to go back to class ever again. Playlists are way easier than mix tapes. So make one, with all their favorite songs, plus the ones you want them to like too. Name it with an inside joke that only the two of you understand.


All the Single Ladies

Yep. We didn’t forget you. You are always in our stress ball hearts. Squeeze your way through this year’s love day. Who knows next year, all your dreams may come true.


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