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This season we’re toning up—hitting the public pools, tennis courts and yoga mats in preparation for summer beach vibes.

We got our favourite nail artist, Elfi Lemieux, to create a basketball-themed manicure that looks just as good on the court as off.


Step 1: Prep the Nail

Start by prepping your nails—hydrating your cuticles, buffing and shaping your nail—once that’s done, wipe them clean them with a bit of nail polish remover.  Apply the base coat.


Step 2: The Base

Choose a bright coral colour and apply a thin first coat. Allow to dry before applying a second to get an even colour.


Step 3: The Lines

Once the base colour is dry, use a striping brush and black polish to paint a vertical line down the center of the nail. Paint a horizontal line to create a PLUS sign. Let the lines dry before picking up your dotting tool (a must-have! Get it at your local pharmacy) and painting two curved lines on the side of the nail.


Step 4: The Final Touch

Let the polish dry (approximately 2-3 minutes) apply the top coat, and Voilà your basketball manicure is done!

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