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How to Wear: Boat Shoes

Published 05/12/2015 by

With the temperature rising, we’re ready to bring out our boat shoes and sneakers and say goodbye to boots forever – or at least until fall. To show us how it’s done, we reached out to Aaron, from The Modern Otter, to style our fave pair of Chambray boat shoes!

Take a look at his go-to weekend look, featuring the ADDNEY:

‘TGIT! The weekends coming up and soon it’ll be time to hit the park/beach/rooftop/brunch spot!

Weekend-wear is all about comfort. You want to be casual but ready for wherever the day might take you. Shorts are obvious, but if you end up at a rooftop bar in the evening, a denim jacket will give you a little bit of structure and elevation. You’re not really dressed up, but you’re not basic either. Roll the sleeves down if it’s crisp outside and lose it entirely if you’ve had a few happy hour specials…

I love a good chambray boat shoe! They’re a great twist on a classic shoe. I hunt down a pair every year and won’t take them off till September.

I’m digging the monochromatic look right now too. If you wear varying shades of blue (or any color) it’s a great way to look polished with little effort. And that’s really what the weekend is all about! Kick back and enjoy the ride!’




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