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October 23, 2013

Write and Wrong

Cool Online Yet Normal In the Halls   I seemed to notice them before they noticed me. And every year I wished it would change, even if just slightly. Pretty girls and cool guys–lining the hallways like a secret jacket pocket that held…

Thumbs up and high! Hitch a ride to our universe where Mars is made out of cotton candy and all the aliens sport sick footwear. Get ready for take off this winter 2013 in 3, 2, 1…

While we can’t help but love watching what the storied houses of Oscar de la Renta (what up Oscar PRGirl!), Gucci and Valentino are sending down the runway each season, we’re turning our attention to a younger generation of designers. From New York…

Benjamin had been cleaning his car this way for years.

October 16, 2013

Night Games

Fog, Forest And Being Found   It’s Friday night, September, four days after school started. I usually like school–English, especially–but this year, I wasn’t into it.
 I’d spent the summer hanging out with these guys who were a couple years older than me,…

  Even when he was down Benjamin was relentlessly positive.

How I Stumbled into Acting Back in high school my friend Jim had somehow gotten himself into the acting game. Heck, he had an agent, auditions, acting classes, the whole nine yards. One day we were hanging out and his agent called him…

No matter what he did, Trent never arrived on time.

The best thing about being a cheerleader? The pompoms because they can double as a disguise.

Some people are just exceptionally talented.