The School Issue

Benjamin had been cleaning his car this way for years.

  Even when he was down Benjamin was relentlessly positive.

No matter what he did, Trent never arrived on time.

The best thing about being a cheerleader? The pompoms because they can double as a disguise.

Some people are just exceptionally talented.

The toughest thing about being the only girl in chess club was getting there.

September 28, 2013


Pop, Drop Lock, Walk It Off This was it: My first high school dance. I was ready to come out of my shell, or at least that was the plan. For years I had locked myself in my bedroom for hours on end,…

September 26, 2013


I am lying on my back in the Pacific Ocean. My legs rise up and up until they are just grazing the surface of the water. I am drifting with the waves, softly and slowly. The sun is on my face; the insides…

I Got Called Out
, But Came Out On Top!     I fell in love with punk in junior high.
 Beyond the sound, there was just something about the music’s do-it-yourself attitude that spoke to me, and by grade nine I was involved…

  This fall we’re headed back to class, reuniting with our BFFs, staying late in the lab, hanging out in the cafeteria, hitting the books, cheering on the home team, getting up to after-school hijinks and doing it all with an abundance of…